Monday, September 19, 2011

Electronic Candle

Electronic Candle
Christmas candles are perhaps one of the oldest forms of decoration for the holiday season. Although traditionally a holiday decoration in Europe and the United Kingdom, placing Christmas candles in the windows and in centerpieces and decorations for the holiday season is now popular in every country.
Historically Christmas candles have been placed in windows to provide a welcoming sight to visitors, but also to commemorate and light the way on the journey that Mary and Joseph took to Bethlehem. In addition, many countries and cultures traditionally light a large pillar style candle and leave burning over Christmas Eve to symbolize the light that Christ brought into the world. In other countries the large pillar type candle is also used to represent the light from the Star of Bethlehem. From these early religious beginnings the use of Christmas candles has spread to all types of decorating, especially since candles lend a soft, gentle type of light to any decoration or room.
They have also historically been used at holiday times to light Christmas trees, which is a practice that is no longer common. Fire is always a concern, so using real ones on or around live trees or plants in holiday decorations is never a good idea. New options of very real looking electric and battery operated models provide options for decorating that simply weren't practical before these safe and authentic looking candles were available.
There are a great number of options with wireless, LED and electric types. Many have the traditional brass candle holders, but other are more typical of tapered candles or even larger pillar style candles. Bases are made from durable and lightweight brass and copper looking materials, making them practical for any type of decoration. The new electric candles also provide a flickering type appearance to the bulbs, making them appear to be burning candles, not electronic or artificial at all.
They can be used in a variety of Christmas decorating options. The new wireless ones are perfect for placing in centerpieces and even in each window, making a welcoming atmosphere for people arriving to your home. They can also be strategically placed on the larger branches of your Christmas tree to add accents or replace more traditional strings of lights. The advantage of these electronic, LED candles is that they pose absolutely no risk for fire, plus they can be used over and over in different Christmas decorations.
The new wireless and electric ones are very energy efficient and most battery operated models will use two AA batteries. These types are going to operate for over 20 hours on a single set of batteries. With new rechargeable batteries this is a very cost effective way to add that candlelight atmosphere to any room, window or decoration.
They don't all have to be artificial to be safe. A candle warmer is a wonderful way to use scented candles without having to worry about open flames around your decorations. To use a candle warmer simply place the scented candle in its jar on the warmer, which is heated electrically. The gentle heating action of the warmer melts the wax, releasing the fragrance but not actually burning the candle. The candle can be reheated several times to scent the air without any concerns as to having a candle actually burning.
If you haven't had a chance to see any of the new, safe types of Christmas candles you really don't know what you are missing. Ordering online is a great way to buy your candles at any time of year, ensuring they will be ready for your Christmas decorating needs.

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