Monday, September 5, 2011

Cinnamon Roll Candles

 Cinnamon Roll Candles
Autumn is right here with its cool days and falling go aways. What better technique to have a very good time the oceanson than some harvest meals impressed candle thoughts?

these cinnamon roll and apple turnover candles are simple to create and make superb presents!


paraffin wax

cookie sheets with edge

butter knife




apple candle scent

cinnamon candle scent

melting way of possibility


cinnamon roll candles

melt the wax the utilization of your manner of option. Add cinnamon scent.

sprinkle cookie pan closely with cinnamon. Ladle melted wax onto cookie sheet.

let cool unless the wax has the consistency of very stiff dough.

with butter knife, slice the wax lengthwise down the cookie sheet. each slice must be about three inches vast.

using the threshold of the knife carry the primary strip and fold it in 1/2 lengthwise.

place your wick at one end and start rolling to make the cinnamon roll. Position aside and allow to cool.

once completely cool, ladle extra wax excessive.

apple turnover candles

melt wax the usage of manner of possibility and add cinnamon and apple scent.

sprinkle cookie sheet with cinnamon. Ladle wax onto prepared cookie sheet.

allow to cool except it is again the consistency of stiff dough.

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