Thursday, August 25, 2011

Candle Lantern

 Candle Lantern
There are many kinds of candle lanterns and they have been around for a long time. Post candle lanterns are one kind and they come in various styles such as pilgrim, onion, and navigation. Many of the candle lanterns from colonial times were made from pierced tin and styles from that time are made today. These days many people are decorating their yards with candle lanterns. They go well in gardens and candle lanterns attached to walls can illuminate entrances or other unlit areas. They can be hung on posts or tree branches.
This idea may bring up questions of fire and safety. The candle lanterns holder is the most basic part of the lantern and it holds the candle securely. It also protects the candle from the weather like rain and wind. Metal holders are durable and fireproof; the higher melting point of metal makes it hard to catch fire. Fire retardant paper is also used to make candleholders; even nylon and silk are used to construct candles holders. They are made in a way that keeps them from blazing up. If a Moroccan candle lantern is in keeping with the style of your home then placing them inside or outside will create ambience that compliments the decoration already established. The punched tin and ambers shades of color add subdued hues that go will with certain brick or stucco styles.
Another use for candle lanterns is to decorate your yard for a garden party. This is a fun way to add extra light for the party and to enhance the look of the yard. Glass and votive candles can also be placed on tables to add more pleasant glow and a warm feeling to the festivities. The candles lanterns will add charm to the surroundings compliment the plants.

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